EU Structural Funds

SIEA ensures implementation of calls and national projects in two Operational programmes governed by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.


Areas of support – quality of environment

Refurbishing public buildings

Increasing energy efficiency in businesses

Use of renewable energy sources

Energy auditing and implementation  of recommended measures


Areas of support – research and innovations

Purchase of innovative technologies

Introduction of innovative products and processes


National projects implemented by SIEA

Live by energy

Provides free expert energy advice on energy-efficient measures and the use of renewable energy sources focused on the development of a low-carbon economy.

Green to households

Support for RES device installation  in family and residential houses.

Expert on energy

Platform of continuous increase of qualification 10 specialisations and performing of 125 audits for the public sector with the aim of identifying the potential for guaranteed energy services.

Expanding monitoring of energy efficiency

Ensuring the functionality of the new system of digital data collection, analyses, and consequent evaluation of date regarding energy usage and saving

Increase of innovative performance of Slovak economy

Professional  consulting  and mentoring  on innovations for businesses, events and innovation workshops for students, forecasts and analyses

Support of creative industry development in Slovakia

Vouchers  for SMEs to utilize  the services  of creative industry  and support  of new business  models in this